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QuickAppNinja is a game app builder with templates that allow you to easily create your own quiz games. You make money from ads shown in your games. You don't need any special skills or coding knowledge. Build games via the easy,
intuitive drag-n-drop game wizard.

  • Have a Quiz
    Game Idea
  • Create the game
    in the simple
    drag-n-drop wizard
  • Publish it to Google Play
    (or any Android market)
  • Make money
    from ads
  • Get paid

Stephen D’Souza

UK, Airport

Security & YouTube

40 years old

In total I have made $1,380 Dollars; last month I made $600 Dollars. I had been thinking of developing apps for a long time, but I had no knowledge or experience; then I found Quick App Ninja. It's true you can create an app in no time at all. Quick App Ninja seemed too good to be true…but to be honest it’s the best thing I have done...what makes Quick App Ninja so good – you can make professional apps at no cost to yourself and it's risk free. I have recommended Quick App Ninja to my family & friends. Read more


Here are some games created in QuickAppNinja

  • 4 Pics 1 Word

  • Guess Youtuber

  • Guess the Pokemon

  • Football Logo Quiz

  • Logo Quiz Chile Futbol Chileno

  • 4 Photos 1 Youtuber

  • Car Logos

  • Guess the Hidden Pic

  • Blockbuster Movie Quiz

  • Guess the Airlines

  • Old School Quiz

  • Vocabrain

  • Association

  • Guess What?

  • NEW Emoji Guess

  • 4 Pics 1 Word

  • Football Quiz Serie A

  • Guess The Mini Heroes


Check out this game!
It earns $50,000 a day easily!

The word quiz game called “4 Pics 1 Word”,
from a company called “LOTUM GmbH”, earns up to $50,000 DAILY!
You can create the same type of game in 30 minutes

There are 3 types of games you can create right now:

  • 4 Pics 1 Word

    This is one of the most popular and profitable games of its kind. It involves guessing the correct word that describes the 4 pictures that are shown on your screen. These types of games are extremely profitable in Google Play. The game with the similar template, from the company “LOTUM GmbH”, makes up to $50,000 USD daily! It is in the TOP GROSSING category in most countries.

    Let your creativity soar with “4 Pics 1 Word”. You can use, for example, animals, birds, fruits, cities, landmarks, sports, art, music, movies, and so on. Or come up with something completely different. It's up to you and your imagination with 4 Pics 1 Word!

  • Guess the Picture

    This involves showing one picture and guessing who or what it is. It could be a picture of a person, a celebrity, a singer, a movie star or a sportsperson, or it could be a picture of an animal, a car, a flower, a brand, a city, a musical instrument, and so on.

    These types of games are constantly in the TOP TRIVIA GAMES in the Google Play charts. That's because Android users LOVE these games!

  • Guess the Hidden Picture

    In this game, you cover the picture using tiles so only a small part of it is visible. The player has to guess the subject of the picture by uncovering as few tiles as possible. As more tiles are uncovered, more of the picture is revealed making it easier to guess. So, guessing the hidden picture without uncovering more tiles or uncovering just a few allows the player to score more coins.

All you need to make money is an IDEA and GOOD IMAGES
Turn on your imagination and create a unique and fun game

Example of a Developed Game

Here is an example of a game that you can create.
Keep in mind that you can customize everything.
Content. Colors. Sounds. Coins Economy. etc.
  • Splash Screen

    This screen appears when the user starts the game.

  • Gameplay

    The main screen of the game. The player sees questions (pics) and needs to guess the correct answer.

  • Well Done

    This screen appears when the gamer type answers correctly.

  • Hints

    If the gamer is stuck on the level, they can use hints. Hints cost earned coins.

  • Pricelist

    If the gamer doesn’t have any coins to buy hints, they can complete incentivized offers and collect additional coins. Or they can wait until free coins are available.

  • Main Menu

    Here the gamer can switch off sounds and contact support (to the email address that you provide), and so on.


Italy, Student
19 years old

I made around $5,000 since February 2015 and now I make around $450 monthly. I decided to give Quick App Ninja a try since it was free and there was nothing to lose. I will stay with Quick App Ninja as long as I can so I can pay for my studies and save money for the future. Read more

How Will You Make Money?

  • You make money from
    ads placed in the games

  • You make money every time your game is played and ads are shown

  • You just need to build the game and upload it on Google Play

  • Get paid, monthly, for a lifetime

The more games you build,
the more money you can make

How the in-game ads work

We have developed a unique algorithm that only shows ads that give maximum revenue and simultaneously doesn’t ruin the user experience. We make sure these ads are user-friendly so players don't uninstall the game because of annoying ads. Your game will show lots of ads to make as much money as possible!

We can’t promise that you will create one game and it will be in the TOP 10 in Google Play, earning you $50,000 USD daily — but to be honest, you don’t need this. You can create 50 targeted games that will earn $500 USD each! That is much easier.

Once you set free your imagination there is no limit to the number of games you can build.

What the Games Building Process Looks Like
6 Simple Steps

  • Select the Type of Game

    Here you need to select the type of game you want to create.

  • Colors

    Each game is made up of different screens, e.g. Gameplay, Completed, Menu, Get Coins. Each screen has different components - background, buttons, text, etc. You can customise the colors for each of these components within each screen.

  • Sounds

    Here you can customize all sounds that are used in the game. You can upload your own sounds or choose a selection of our sounds.

  • Content

    Here is the main core of your game – content. For example, in “4 Pics 1 Word” your content is 4 pictures and an answer. You'll learn how to drag'n'drop pictures – you can even bulk upload pictures to your game. You will discover building a game is a very simple and fun process.

  • Settings

    In the last step you need to create the name of the game, upload an icon and set up the coin distribution (for example: How many coins the player receives for the correct answer, or, How many coins will hints cost.

  • Upload to the Market

    Once you build a game, you need to upload it on the Android market (Google Play, Amazon Appstore etc.) so that Android users can download and play it. Uploading the game to the market is a very simple process; moreover, we have detailed step-by-step guides for Dummies ☺.

Don’t be Afraid of Competition!

You might think if anyone can create such games — there must be huge competition and your chances of making lots of money is slim. But this is absolutely wrong!

Here is why:
Only a tiny amount of people decide to take action and start creating such games. A lot of people make excuses as to why it won’t work and give up before starting. Don't be one of them!
The mobile market today is growing extremely fast: 1.5 million Android devices are activated daily! What does this mean for you? A 1.5M+ daily target audience for your games!
Great success (and big money) are in specific niches that you know better than anybody (for example, you are fan of dogs so you can create a ‘Guess the Dog’ game).

Why should you Build Mobile Games Right Now?

Firstly, it’s free and it’s fun. And secondly, you can earn big money doing it.

Revenue generated from the gaming industry
is on par with the movie business.
Playing games on mobile devices is increasing
in popularity compared to gaming consoles.
More than half of America’s population
plays games regularly.
More than 70% of gamers play at least 1 hour a week.
The number of gamers in China and other Asian countries is already huge, and is growing rapidly. That's a market with billions of people.
More than 90% of the world’s population
owns a mobile phone.
People spend more time on their mobile
phones than watching TV or on their PCs.

Why Have We Made this Powerful Builder
Available to the Public?

We took the step into Word Trivia games development in 2012. From the beginning we started to create games for niche markets and found huge success there. Our developers split tested different in-game mechanics and, as a result, we found the perfect game process that users like and that brings maximum profit.

The main core of such games is CONTENT. Physically, we can’t create these games in all available niches to markets in different countries (because we don’t know market specifics). Instead, we have developed a GAME BUILDER … that will allow anybody to create popular games using proven money-making technology in return for a small percentage of ads revenue - we get 20% and you make 80%.